Services We Provide

Many excellent piano tuners use electronic tuners in their tuning -- I prefer to use a
tuner or tuning fork for the first pitch and then tune by ear so that the piano is in tune
with itself rather than the electronic tuner.  
Pricing for specific services is farther
down the page.

We offer a
standard tuning in those situations where a piano is on pitch or close to
pitch, but needs to be tuned.  

Some pianos are excessively below pitch and require a
pitch raising before the
standard tuning can be effective.  Pitch raising must be followed by a standard
tuning. The pitch raising may be done with an electronic tuner.

Repairs of everything from notes that don’t play, or hammers that stick to things that
buzz, or hum or casters that won’t roll.  

Through use and/or age pianos will become out of adjustment.  In order to bring
them back into proper adjustment the technician goes through a very involved and
multi-step process called

You may be looking for a different instrument to
replace the one you have.  Whether
you want new or used; piano, keyboard or organ come see us at our store in Aitkin
for a several options you should consider before you buy.  If you are looking at a
used privately owned instrument we are available for
assessment of a piano you
may be considering.  

If you have purchased a piano or are simply needing to relocate the one you have
we can help with
piano moving  - uprights or grands.

In some cases I have been able to tune what others could not and repair what was
thought unrepairable and we are involved with
restoration of pianos.  Restoration
pricing is entirely by the job, but estimates are available.  However, lest you think I
am a miracle man there are situations where pianos cannot be tuned, repaired or
restored and will need to be replaced.
Pricing of services:
  • Standard tuning upright -- $105
  • Standard tuning to an organ -- $115
  • Pitch raising upright or grand -- $65
  • Regulation -- begins at $395
  • Repair -- rate of $60
  • Assessment -- $60
  • Piano moving -- $200 minimum for uprights -- this would be a routine move for a
    small piano in the neighborhood; big uprights will be higher
  • Piano moving -- $300 minimum for grands -- this would be a routine move for a
    small grand in the neighborhood
  • Piano moves involving stairs require notification at the time of booking
    the move -- $60 per flight -- failure to give due notice regarding stairs could
    cause the move to be rescheduled requiring immediate payment of the initial fee
    and a minimum $200 additional fee
  • Travel -- first 10 miles free, $1.00/mile over 10 or a flat rate of $5
  • Pricing for specific types of repairs and parts available by request
Call us at 218.831.0707 or send an email to or simply fill
out the request form on the contact us page.