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We do still have some items for sale from our home. We have some books, strings and reeds. We have a few guitars, amps and cases. We have several wind
instruments and a violin and viola. We are available
by appointment. Please see the contact page for current contact information. We have a few guitars left
(see the guitar page for a few choices
and I will update it as I can). We also still host a variety of lessons including piano, voice, guitar, flute, trumpet and others.
ontact us to see if we can help with your music interests  . . .

    We still have a variety of items for sale.
Call for an appointment to see what we have.

    Call my cell - 218-831-0707 to check my schedule or make an appointment.
    WE OFFER TRANSFER TO CD of your original recordings beginning at just $8

                                   Watch for further updates.
Rick's Piano & Music

I will try to regularly update this website so come back often to see what new links or
information has been added.  In the near future I hope to have links to other sites with more
information about pianos and their workings.
What we have had for winter is well on it's way toward spring. I think it has been a pretty easy winter for us, but I have still heard a few people saying they are
ready for spring. It just is not possible to satisfy everyone

We carry a variety of used band instruments  as well as instruction books. Musical instruments and accessories make wonderful  gifts for any
occasion and there is always the option of a gift certificate. Come take a look.

We are still giving lessons so give us a call.

We have helped several people with instrument needs for school, but also for a few to revive skills and join the community band. It's never too late to take it
up again, but the older you get it does get harder to do. Maybe a few lessons would help get you back at it. Or at least a few pointers. Schedule your lessons
now for
guitar, piano, voice, cello, mandolin, 5-string banjo, flute, trombone, trumpet and more.

Just a few thoughts about your piano.
We all know that Minnesota has a climate that changes constantly. As you well know we are in one of the
milder winters in recent memory. Yet our furnaces
are s
till running pouring out hot air. This process not only dries the air in your home it also, gradually removes much of the moisture from the wood in your
piano. This can cause wood to crack and glue joints to dry out and loosen. This drying process is very hard on your piano.

This humidity problem can be controlled two ways. First is a complete climate control system in your home such as a whole house air conditioning or
humidifying system. The other is much less expensive and much more specific to the needs of your piano. This is a Piano Life Saver System which is
installed inside your piano and is designed to work year round to maintain the proper humidity levels in your piano. Piano Life Saver Systems from
Dampp-Chaser have been producing a solution for humidity problems since 1947. Go to the information page for more about how humidity affects your
piano and a link to The Piano Life Saver Systems home page.
Notes that may be of Interest:
  • I have been in the piano service business for over 30 years
  • From my perspective there is no piano too far away, however this may not be your perspective as I may have
    to charge for mileage.
  • I have moved pianos to Iowa, Arizona, Chicago and Moorhead, MN.
  • You are only too old to learn to play an instrument when you are in the mortuary
  • Call 218.831.0707
  • Email

We welcome you to our web site.  Our hope is that the contents will be helpful for your musical and
piano situation or if you are just seeking information.

There is information here about our services, prices and experience. There is also information about
our retail store in Aitkin.

There is also information that may be helpful if you are looking for a piano, keyboard or organ.

If you have any questions or you wish to make an appointment please do not hesitate to give us a call.
Soli Deo Gloria
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