Service, Lessons and Consignment Sales
Fee Schedule
Fees for Services

intelligent answers - $25
answers that require thought - $50
dumb looks are still free and occur frequently

As expenses continue to rise, especially shipping and fuel, make it necessary
for me to adjust fees to compensate.
Call us at 218.831.0707 or send an email to or simply fill
out the request form on the contact us page.

A variety of lessons will be offered in our store location for $14/half
hour lesson (paid prior to lessons by cash or check, minimum of 4
lessons; $15/ lesson if paying by the lesson or by card or after
lessons have taken place). These will include, but are not limited to:  
Voice, guitar, piano, flute, trumpet. Please call, email, use our contact
page or stop in with questions or for scheduling.
Pricing of services:
  • Standard tuning upright or grand -- $105
  • Standard tuning to an organ -- $115
  • Pitch raising upright or grand -- $67
  • Regulation -- begins at $400
  • Repair -- rate of $65/hour
  • Assessment -- $65 and up depending on distance
  • Piano moving -- $210 minimum for uprights -- this would be a routine move for a
    small piano in the neighborhood; big uprights will be higher
  • Piano moving -- $310 minimum for grands -- this would be a routine move for a
    small grand in the neighborhood
  • Piano moves involving stairs require notification at the time of booking the
    move -- $70 per flight -- failure to give due notice regarding stairs could cause the
    move to be rescheduled requiring immediate payment of the initial fee and a minimum
    $200 additional fee
  • Travel -- first 10 miles free, $1.00 per loaded mile over 10 or a flat rate of $5
  • Pricing for specific types of repairs and parts available by request
We do consignment sales of a variety of musical instruments and
related items. Our policy is as follows: we sell on a consignment basis at
the following rates depending on how long it takes to sell your item: 15%
for the first 6 months, 20% thereafter. There is also a sliding flat fee of
$10 to $50 if your item does not sell and you choose to remove it from
our showroom. This fee is dependent on the item size and the length of
it's stay with us. Any repair or adjustments necessary will be charged
and paid separately or deducted from what is paid out.